Here is the timeline for THE BLACKWATCH CHRONICLES 2171

asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars using the experimental Antimatter Catalyzed Nuclear Pulse Propulsion. (In route, NAPP-1 launches several smaller probes onto the Martian surface at pre-arraigned landing sites.)
 2026 – Breakthroughs in metallurgy and synthetic metal fabrication allow for lightweight, well protected partial suites of boosted armor to be manufactured on a large scale. The synthetic alloy – Crystal Tungsten Carbide is used.
 2027 – A break through by NASA and the European Space Agency in synthetic rocket fuel leads to more efficient and cost effective propulsion systems. A joint mission to the moon is proposed.
 2027 – Russian oil conglomerate Netsky Petroleum’s Kerensky drilling platform discovers the first large pocket of Abiogenic petroleum twenty-two miles below the East Siberian Sea.
 2029 – The Kerensky platform is destroyed by a nuclear tipped torpedo. China and North Korea are suspected to have jointly carried out the mission, however, no evidence is ever uncovered.
 2030 – From French Guiana three Lunar 9 rockets launch. Two carrying a total of 150 tons of supplies and the third transporting 24 astronauts from around the world. Upon landing they start to build the first colony – NeoLuna 1.
 2032 – NeoLuna 1 welcomes its 100th person, Laura Blackwood, a lunar geologist.
 2033 – The UniNet Global Information Grid, or simply the Grid, is officially brought online with sustained throughput of 15 Tbs/sec. Mostly decommissioned, the Internet becomes a world unto itself.
 2035 – The first elective implant of a cybereye is performed at the Whitbeck Advanced Medical Center in Kokomo, Indiana, City of Firsts, by the first semi-autonomous surgeon droid. Both products of Terra-Dyne Industries. Cost, $500,000
 2037 – UniNet is upgraded to 25 Tbs/sec.
 2042 – A joint effort between Japan, the US, England, Australia, Russia and France achieves the first sustained fusion reaction using an advanced ITER Tokamak reactor under MT. Mihara on the island of Oshima, Japan.
 2042 – UniNet is upgraded to 40 Tbs/sec.
 2045 – NeoLuna -1 reaches 1000 inhabitants.
 2046 – First HiPER class fusion reactor comes online at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
 2048 – Kyoto Hu-ManoTronics Inc., introduces the first commercial semi-autonomous labor droid. Marketed as TRIPLE A’s for Any Job, Any Time, Any Where. They are restricted to only jobs determined to be too dangerous for humans.
 2050 – Global oil price plunge on announcement of U.S. and European governments to install commercial HiPER fusion reactors in major metropolitan areas.
 2050 – OPEC nations secretly form a military alliance called O.M.A. OPEC Military Alliance. They also form an elite army known as the Babylonian Brotherhood.
 2051 – UniNet is upgraded to 50 Tbs/sec.
 2051 – Neoport 1, the first permanent, fully functional commercial, spaceport is completed at NeoLuna 1.
 2053 – Kyoto Hu-ManoTronics introduces commercially available Triple A’s for high risk industrial jobs. Also starts field testing secret prototype with U.S. military.
 2055 – The government and economy of North Korea collapse under the ruler ship of Kim Jong Un. Against unanimous global protests, China annexes a willing North Korea. North Korea becomes Kor-Chi province.
 2056 – UniNet achieves 2 Tbs per second sustained throughput
 2056 – NeoLuna reaches 3000 inhabitants and reaches 100% self sufficiency through large leaps in the efficiency of producing crops and the growth acceleration for livestock. Dozens of agriculture agricultural process and techniques are invented and refined in an effort to keep pace with NeoLuna’s increasing population.
 2057 – First Commercial flight of Artemis Pan-Lunar Space Lines takes off from Tokyo with 300 engineers and scientists as well as the first lunar tourists for a three day journey to Neoport 1. The newly formed space line is a joint venture between the five largest global commercial carriers.
 2057 – UniNet is upgraded to 70 Tbs/sec.
 2057 – 10% of all power is generated by fusion reactors.
 2059 – Global population reaches 10th billion human is born.
 2060 – Economies of a dozen countries collapse. Plunging oil prices, deployment of fusion reactors and introduction of Industrial Triple A’s create a “perfect storm” whose impact on the global economy is unforeseen as a unprecedented global depression sets in. Riots and protests break out in every civilized country in the world. As the economy tumbles food and medicine aid to the poorest countries all but cease. This lack of support undoes decades of progress and many nations in Africa turn on each other as famine and disease spread. Over the course of the next decade a quarter of a billion will perish in Africa alone.
 2061 – Known as Black “61. Lax security allows for 8 dirty nuclear bombs to be detonated over the course of 2 days. The cities of Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Moscow, Tel Aviv and Berlin are affected. Bombs in Washington DC, New York and Rome were found and neutralized before detonation could occur. Combined 123,000 were killed instantly and 530,000 more were injured and over 9,000,000 were affected. Out of the 530,000 injured, over half die within two years from radiation. Costs of rebuilding, care for the injured and decontamination approaches one trillion dollars. The chaos and embarrassment caused by such a brazen and unprovoked attack allows the perpetrator(s) to avoid capture. Several leads point to a man by the name of John Titor but all leads dead end. Memorials are erected in each affected city commemorating those who died and those who responded.
 2062 – First generation of MyoSyn and the pre-cursor to the Neural Net Interface allow for full synthetic limb replacement. Allowing the same feel and response as the original. Cost prohibits use in all but extreme circumstances and it is not yet covered by insurance. Limb that provides same strength is roughly 20% larger than the original.
 2062 – Nanobots approved for treatment of terminal illnesses. Despite tight regulations, nanobot construction methods find their way into nefarious hands.
 2063 – NeoLuna reaches ten thousand personal.
 2064 – Launched from Neoport 1, Mars Pathfinder 6 is the first space vehicle launched from a location other than Terra. Its mission is to survey the Mars for a suitable landing area for the first manned mission and human foothold on the Red Planet.
 2065 – What many call World War III breaks out when OMA forces invade and successfully occupy Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also strike at north western India but are repelled. Eastern Afghanistan and eastern Pakistan unite to form the new Republic of Jammir under the ruler-ship of OMA’s elite commanders.
 2065 – Terra-Dyne is first to market with the CTD-1, Consumer Task Droid – First Generation. Price: 3,000cw. And the industrial version, the ITD-1. The CTD-1 is able to comprehend and follow voice commands of simple to moderate complexity and length. The ITD-1 is designed to be ran from a large central mainframe and has little autonomy.
 2065 – Signs that the world wide depression is slowly easing emerge as world economies adjust to new economic realities.
 2065 – Taking advantage and the unprecedented confusion brought on by the successful OMA offensive, and facing a crisis as it is unable to feed its 2.5 billion people. China annexes Jammu, Kashmir and Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan on its western border. There is intense fighting between Chinese, and local forces as well as the Chinese and OMA as they see the Red Army’s invasion as direct threat to their newly created republic. It becomes known as the West China Offensive.
 2065 – The World economy takes another nosedive as the events unfold during the China Offensive.
 2065 – UniNet reaches 85 Tbs/s
 2065 – After ten years of R&D, the U.S. deploys first battalion of TSS units. Tactical Surrogate Soldiers. Built by Terra-Dyne Industries. Built with alloys only capable of being fabricated on the moon, they are sent to the West China Offensive.
 2066 – Fearful of escalation and the Chinese refusal to withdraw, Russia deploys troops to reinforce local forces already fighting China’s People’s Liberation Army. Among the Russian forces are secret units from the U.S. and other European nations.
 2066 – A stunned world watches as the conflict between the People’s Liberation Army and the Red Army escalates. In a shocking move a rogue general, Yue Fei, in the PLA launches dozens of tactical nuclear weapons against strategic Red Army C&C bunkers and facilities in the Tajikistan region in hopes of crushing the resistance and support for further actions against PLA. The weapons were aimed at the sites within the cities of Duachanbe and Sumarkand as well as many small installations throughout the region of conflict. A total of 100 megatons are detonated from more than 250 strikes. Military and civilian casualties were in excess of 8 million either killed or sustained lethal radiation exposure. The city of Sumarkand and surrounding area experienced the highest concentration of destruction from a total of 5 megatons of nuclear detonations, including a single 3 megaton low air burst detonation south of the city. As a result 6 million of the city’s 10 million population were killed or injured. A decision is made to abandon the city and create a perimeter 100 miles in diameter centered on the city and seal off the area. It is known as the Tajikistan Nuclear Demilitarized Zone. China is forced to sign a cease-fire and begins to withdrawal troops immediately. Despite efforts of nearly every intelligence agency in the world, the rogue general is never found and presumed dead
 2067 – Anticipating an enormous emerging market Terra-Dyne proposes a Droid Constitution that outlines some guidelines manufactures should follow when building consumer task droids. The most important of which is to keep their human likeness to a minimum. This will help to keep them psychologically separate from humans and speed up their acceptance exponentially.
 2067 – The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Central African Republic and Zambia declare war on the rest of southern Africa. The South African Civil War quickly becomes a savage war with no adherence to the Geneva Conventions and seemingly without conscious. Tens of millions perish. It is widely reported but never substantiated that the offensive was orchestrated by an elite quasi-religious Chinese cult known as Ghost Dragons, supposedly led by a Chinese general named Yue Fei who is convinced he is the reincarnation of the famous 12th century Chinese general and tactician of the same name.
 2067 – Biological weapons are used by The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Central African Republic and Zambia indiscriminately. 2 million perish in a matter of days. BlackWatch scrambles covert TSS units into the area in an attempt to assess the possibility of the contagion spreading. It is discovered that it is a sophisticated synthetic virus with a 24-36 hour life span and only affecting humans. However, when a small outbreak occurs in the southern Sahara it is discovered that the virus has evolved and mutated to be able to hitch a ride with migrating animals leaving them unharmed but infecting humans who eat or come in contact with them. Immunization of the animals is hindered by the war. No other outbreaks are reported. When the virus is analyzed by top medical professionals it is discovered that the virus was created so that each of the individual virus cells has a Chinese dragon etched into its cell wall with the letters JT etched near the dragon. Some say this is proof that China and maybe even Yue Fei was behind the virus creation. Other say it is a feint to throw suspicion off of the real creators. Despite best efforts no clues as to who created the synthetic virus is uncovered. It is dubbed by western intelligence agencies as the Lucy Virus.
 2068 – Hardened Triple A’s are sent into the Tajikistan Nuclear Demilitarized Zone for the first time to asses damage from the ground.
 2068 – Deadlocked about how to act react to the most tumultuous and deadly decade in human history and by their inability to reach any agreement on how to react to world events, the original 12 NATO nations withdrawal from NATO and form AoN, Alliance of Nations. They are quickly joined by other frustrated former NATO nations of Greece, Germany, Spain, and Russia. Although NATO technically still exists it is without the leadership and financial backing of the wealthiest countries and is reduced to third string player in world events almost overnight. Through bribes, assassinations and strong arm tactics, China places key personal within the leadership of NATO and secretly begins to rebuild it for its own purposes.
 2069 – Artemis Pan-Lunar Space Lines is now operating out of Tokyo, Miami, New York, London, Paris, Dubai and Moscow. With six flights per day.
 2069 – The synthetic muscle known as MyoSyn enters commercial use. It allows for a limb to crafted identically in size and shape to the original but be up to twice as strong depending on the amount of musculature replaced. Limbs replaced with MyoSyn are not allowed to have skin grafts, only artificial skin is permitted to allow for easy identification of a augmented limb. The body rejects grafts that exceed 30% of original muscle mass.
 2069 – Steady growth and the heavy use of Triple A’s has expanded NeoLuna underground facilities to nearly two hundred and seventy million square feet, almost ten square miles. Most of the space is utilized to sustain self sufficiency. An additional four million square feet have been put to use by a little known company called LunaTech thought to be the Skunkworks division of Terra-Dyne Industries.
 2069 – The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Central African Republic and Zambia unite to form the Democratic Republic of Central African Nations. (DROCAN) And a cease fire is declared and the South African Civil War appears to be over.
 2070 – UniNet achieves 100 Tbs/s per second sustained throughput.
 2072 – Rebounding quicker than anticipated, the global economy emerges from the global depression as third world nations develop and require oil to fuel their industrial revolutions. A global currency is established, the Common Wealth.
 2072 – The ANSA, AoN Space Agency, A joint venture between the nations that comprise AoN, is formed.
 2073 – The Russians, Chinese and European nations of Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France plan to establish colonies on the moon. To avoid conflict the newly formed ANSA calls for the first Moon Summit so that countries can submit their plans to build a colony and, as a group, the best course of actions can be taken. It is agreed that Russia will be granted the Mare Crisium region. China will have the Mare Nectaris region and the European countries will divvy up the Oceanus Procellarum region.
 2073 – Among much fanfare and back slapping, a manned expedition to Mars is launched in January. The launch is the culmination of 30 years of planning and the resources of a dozen nations. Four nuclear pulse propulsion Lunar 15 rockets carry 100 tons of supplies and 40 astronauts. Launched from the newly christened Miami International Spaceport. The trip takes 90 days.
 2073 – With a successful touch down of the Mars expedition work is begun on the first Martian colony, Elysium Prime.
 2073 – NeoLuna-1 reaches the twenty five thousand population milestone. Second Lunar colony is started, NeoLuna 2. NeoLuna 1 renamed Thea and NeoLuna 2 named Selene.
 2073 – HUMAN HISTORY CHANGES FOREVER – The population of Elysium Prime on Mars prepares for the impact of a 900 ft nickel-iron meteor on planets far side. The meteor had been tracked for years and was considered harmless and its trajectory should have taken it past Mars. However it passed closer to the Sun that anticipated and its course altered. The impact is larger than expected and sends powerful shock waves bouncing around the planet. All communication is lost with Elysium Prime. Satellite images record the near total destruction of the colony from the violent Marsquakes produced by the impact. The impact also causes a global sand storm. Three weeks later a weak transmission is picked up from a troop of mining droids that had somehow been spared while exploring subterranean lava tubes. They transmitted a grainy image of a vast chamber they have discovered. It was too big for their sensors to accurately asses due to a strange type of interference. The transmission showed the droids had fallen through into a hallway of smooth, seamless rock. The hallway ended in a large platform jutting out into a huge, expansive chamber. A burst of radiation was detected by the droids and instantly green characters very similar to Archaic Sumerian cuneiform began to appear in the air around the droids. The transmission ends instantly as with a large flash of light burst toward the droids as it peers into the vast chamber. A day later a wave of energy not known to human science blasts out in all directions from the planet. It destroys all orbital satellites. Ground and space bound telescopes show a second, much larger and intense, global dust storm sweeping over the planet. An emergency launch takes place sending several satellites and autonomous landing craft. By late 2073 the satellite is in orbit and the planet is covered in what appears to be a global thunderstorm. The first hypotheses emerge that Mars may have been hollow and actually a planet construct and that the meteor impact has somehow triggered a process that is either transforming Mars or destroying it. All sensors and probes fail to penetrate more than a mile or two into the storm.
 2074 – The ANSA begins the construction of Universal ONE space station in geosynchronous orbit.
 2074 – Declaring a national holiday, China launches two rockets from its Three Gorges Space Port to start its first moon colony, Xia, after the first Chinese dynasty.
 2074 – The first signs the storm is subsiding being to appear. By late in the year glimpses through the cloud are possible and the world watches at a level of wonder never thought possible. The first images come back of a terraformed mars peeking through the opening in the clouds. The human race was witnessing a technological marvel that some could only describe as magic. It was not even conceivable how such a feat of engineering to create an entire planet could be done much less terrafrom the planet within a year.
 2075 – 25% of global power output is from fusion reactors.
 2075 – With the assistance of ANSA Russia and European countries launch colony building missions to the Moon within months of each other with Russia launching first. The Russians establish Lunagrad and the Europeans establish Churchill.
 2076 – The countries of Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Sudan join resources with AoN in starting an enormous project to turn the southern Sahara into arable land able to support Earth’s exploding population. Two million Triple A’s and an equal amount of humans form the largest labor pool in history. It is known as the Southern Sahara Global Farm Project.
 2076 – Cautiously the world observed as Mars was transformed into a habitable planet. Panic grippes a large portion of the population as the human race came to terms with the undeniable fact that we were not alone in the cosmos and powers far far beyond our comprehension existed. World governments struggled to keep order, especially the developing countries whose undereducated population still cling to centuries old superstitions. World religions especially struggle with the event.
 2076 – Anticipating the possibility of claiming ownership AoN forms the Mars Counsel, a forerunner to the Terran-Mars Authority, consisting of all space-faring nations to decide how best to proceed and to plan for a manned expedition for immediate launch.
 2076 – In August a mission is launched from the Moon. Carrying 50 scientists covering a wide range of disciplines to study the transformation first hand. It arrives in orbit early November. Remote sensors do not pick up any large life forms but do detect extensive microbial populations in the seas and land. The water is saltwater with a salinity and composition nearly identical to Earth’s. There are no trees to speak of but saplings and extensive grass lands exist. The fauna is unlike anything found on Earth. 3-4 times more efficient at photosynthesis. The trees appear to be of a type of wood not found on Earth. Dubbed Mars Oak its much denser and hardy than similar trees found on Earth. It also grows at a much accelerated pace. Nearly an inch a day. The probes also detect an unknown element within the atmosphere, soil and all plant life. Not able to figure out its purpose, it is discovered to be rapidly diminishing. Insects and mice introduced to the environment at this time quickly fall into a coma like state and their metabolism slows to 10% of normal. After testing cross planting of Martian plants in Terran soil it is found that their efficiency and ability to grow quickly is lost and they quickly succumb to Terran insects and diseases. The Trans Martian Agriculture Consortium is started to see if a hybrid can be created that will give Terran plants some of the benefits that Martian plants enjoy.
 2077 – It is observed one day in January of 2077 that the probe monitoring the mice starts to show activity. All but a few of the mice survive and start to forage for food. This coincides with the disappearance of any trace of the unknown element. It is decided to land a manned transport on the surface. In honor the the original settlers who founded Elysium Prime, it is decided to land at the same location. Lead scientist Laura Blackwood is the first human being to set foot on the transformed Mars. For most it is a day of global celebration. The world collectively holds its breath as she unlocks and twists her helmet. Billions watch with awe and anxiety as the hiss of pressurized air escapes and Laura is the first human to breath the air of another world. By March of 2077 a small base has been constructed and by May a contingent of ITD’s and supplies arrive to construct factories for producing the material necessary for establishing a colony. The colony is called Elysian Prime and built upon the exact location as the original.
 2077 – By end of 2077 a large “ark” ship has begun to be constructed in orbit. Known as Mars Ark 1. At the same time scientist collect 10,000 species that will be the first to be transplanted to Mars. Mostly plants and small rodents and animals.
 2077 – China dissolves the remnants of NATO and re-names it APDO – Asian Pacific Defense Organization. It is headquartered in Beijing.
 2078 – Mars Ark 2 and 3 are constructed.
 2079 – Mars Ark 1 starts to off load the animals into specially constructed facilities outside Elysium Prime. From there they are tagged and released into environments approximating their indigenous ones on Earth. By the end of the year all 10,000 species have been distributed and most are thriving. It is discovered that the nutritional content is five times that of similar plants on Earth. Red Rover, a red Doberman is the fist dog and non human mammal to step paw on Mars.
 2080 – Global population reaches 12 billion.
 2080 – The 500 millionth Task Droid walks off the assembly line. Average cost; 1000 Cw
 2080 – Amazing advances in nano technology and bio-sciences push the average life span to 100.
 2080 – A fifth generation Hubble class space telescope is places into orbit. Known as the Gazer 3 its pointed toward the center of the Milky Way.
 2080 – Mars Ark 4 and 5 being construction and Mars Ark 2 and 3 deliver more mammals and insects. Agro-Droids using farming methods perfected by the South Saharan Global Farming Project quickly cultivate and grow dozens of types of crops. All grow and a rate of 5-8 times normal. 99% of every thing released into the Martian environments thrives as if it would on Earth. Three factions on Earth form. The Mars First Federation – feels colonization should begin immediately. The Earth Centric Coalition believes that a higher power has plans for Mars and that humans should leave it alone. The final party is the Terran Progressive Alliance believes that the current pace is sufficient and adequate.
 2081 – AoN forms the Terran-Mars Authority, TMA. It consists of a think-tank committee that will lay the ground work necessary for all nations to claim a portion of Mars.
 2081 – UniNet is upgraded to 200 Tbs/sec.
 2082 – From their facility on the Moon, AD Vance Magnetics perfects the manufacturing and processing of a new class of metals through the use of zero-G manufacturing. Known as hyper-metals, they are stronger, more resilient and unlike anything created on Earth. Enormously expensive to manufacture, their use is limited to select purposes.
 2083 – The TMA releases the Martian Global Colonization Constitution and Bill of Rights. That will govern the future colonization of Mars and how resources are divided and distributed. It is ratified by all members of the AoN. Newly built factories at Elysium Prime begin to produce construction droids that build processing plants as the full blown colonization of Mars begins.
 2083 – On the Moon, Thea reaches 30,000 inhabitants. Selene reaches 20,000. Xia reaches 5,000.
 2084 – From research done in space huge advancements in building materials are made. Coupled with cheap almost indestructible metals and concrete and cheap automated labor droids a building renaissance begins unparalleled in all of human history. Seen as a means to inexpensively expand the worlds cities to accommodate the ever increasing world population cites begin to grow up and out almost over night. The Moon also sees a building frenzy as colonies expand at a ever increasing rate. Most colonies build ahead of demand and have vast areas completed but empty, awaiting colonists to move into.
 2085 – On Mars, the first cities are under construction. And a global Mars Emigration Lottery is held to establish who will be the first 10 million people to become residence of Mars in 15 years after the cities are built and ready. Also started are large bulk carriers able to ferry large amount of people back and forth in hopes they will be ready in time.
 2085 – Universal ONE enters service as a tourist destination and research facility. Able to accommodate 5,000 personal in three themed venues. Also has first space based amusement park. Randomly selected from a lottery, six universities and twelve corporations are chosen to set up research facilities.
 2085 – Terra-Dyne produces the first machine to brain interface known as the Neural Net Interface. and the first “chip jack” is installed in a BlackWatch kill squad. It allows for unlearned skills to be stored on chips that can be inserted into a port in the skull, granting the host with the ability to use the skill as if he had trained for years. Due to the limitations of the interface with the brain only two skills at a time can be utilized and with only an average chance of success.
 2086 – 300,000 sq miles of arable land, 10 % of the Sahara, start to produce crops in the southern Sahara. The impact on global climate is closely monitored as weather patterns start to subtly change.
 2087 – Xia reaches a population of 15000 but is 20% self sufficient. Lunagrad reaches 7500 and is 80% self sufficient. Churchill reaches 6000 and is 50% self sufficient.
 2087 – In a stunning discovery, a team of physicists confirm the existence of negative mass and negative inertia. If confirmed and harnessed would provide cheap, powerful and pollution free means of intra-solar system travel with reduced times of transit.
 2088 – A team of scientists are exploring Cydonia region which has become a thick tropical jungle along the costal area of the Isidias Sea. They make another Earth shattering discovery. Deep within the jungle they come upon the ruins of a pyramid destroyed by the Marsquake caused by the impact of the meteor. Within the interior they discover a large black monolith imbedded into a wall in a chamber below the base of the pyramid. It is 200ft long and 100ft tall. No sensors are able to penetrate or detect the material is it made of. Rather than sending a droid to investigate further and ignoring common sense, a few scientist approach the monolith. As they approach green cuneiform scripts start to appear in mid air and float around. The monolith starts to hum and a slight greenish glow appears around its edge and the scientists feel the energy that surrounds it. Over the course of an hour the monolith gradually becomes transparent revealing what seems to be a dark room beyond. Bathed in the the same green glow the room appears to be half filled with dirt. A few of the scientists approach closer and can start to make out small objects half buried in the dirt. Dr. Adam Jorgensen an renowned Egyptologist is astounded at the similarity to artifacts found in his digs in Egypt, especially his digs around the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser. Cautiously Dr. Adams touches the monolith and to the astonishment of everyone his hand passes through the material uninjured. Overwhelmed by curiosity and without warning he steps through the monolith. The others watch, horrified. To their astonishment, he stepped through the monolith as if stepping through a doorway. Aside form the mild cramps and nausea Dr Adams seemed unharmed. As soon as Dr. Adams stepped through all his electronics reset themselves as if he was back on Earth. He was able to reconnect to the UniNet instantly. That is when Dr. Adams realized he had just stepped through a gate that opened up under the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt. (More Detail in the MARS chapter.)
 2089 – 40% of global power output is from fusion reactors.
 2089 – Under the guise of restoration a small encampment springs up around the Step Pyramid of Djoser. A secret facility if also built at the Cydonia site on Mars. Together they start to analyze and try to understand the gates linking the two planets.
 2090 – Construction starts on Universal TWO and is expected to be twice the size of Universal ONE.
 2090 – Over the course of the year several dozen automated probes are launched by the largest mining companies into the asteroid belt to search for resources worth mining that would justify the expense.
 2090 – After 20 years of research and 10 years of data from Gazer 3, a group of multi-national scientists publish a paper on the Dark Matter String Node Theory. It theorizes that most galaxies are nodes along a large string of dark matter that weaves its way throughout the universe. And that the massive black holes at the center of galaxies could be a means to quickly travel between them. It is meet with mixed, reviews.
 2091 – The Mars colony of Elysium Prime reaches 10,000 personal and 50,000 ITD’s. Three main cities are under construction. Elysium Prime, Olympia and Delphi.
 2092 – Secret construction of a gateway facility at Cydonia on Mars and around the Djoser site in Egypt is complete. AoN starts moving men and equipment through the portal. On Mars, the city of Cydonia is started.
 2093 – The first antimatter catalyzed nuclear propulsion engine is tested thanks to a breakthrough in the creation and containment of antimatter and the use of advanced hyper-metals.
 2094 – 750 million Task Droids are on the market. The current model, the TD-7, costs just over 900Cw.
 2094 – AoN calls a global press conference to announce the discovery and opening of the Djoser Mars Gateway and how it was discovered. A large 50ft tall bronze statue of Dr. Adams is erected in the courtyard leading to the gate. It is also announced that starting in 2100 civilian traffic will be allowed through the gate with those who were selected in the Mars Emigration Lottery going first. The world is buzzing with activity about the gate and within weeks the Mars Emigration list reaches one billion names of those who want to start a new life in the new world.
 2095 – UniNet is upgraded to 400 Tbs/sec.
 2095 – The construction and migration to the moon colonies is much higher than expected and construction is barely able to keep up with demand. Xia reaches a population of 100,000 and is 50% self sufficient. Lunagrad reaches 47,500 and is 90% self sufficient. Churchill reaches 36,000 and is 75% self sufficient. Thea reaches 130,000 inhabitants. Selene reaches 200,000 both drop to 95% self sufficiency as populations continue to rise faster than expected.
 2095 – Radical advancements in material research and metallurgy combined with zero G manufacturing techniques leads to breakthroughs in armor, that only years before had been thought of as impossible. Ultra dense composites, hyper-metals and ceramic alloys, combined with MyoSyn produce fully seal-able armored suits able to absorb damage, repair itself and keep its operator alive. Coupled with advancements in weapons and grid technology the business of waging war changes forever.
 2096 – 50% of global power output is from fusion reactors.
 2098 – The first successful test of a Hybrid negative mass propulsion engine is achieved on a small scale at the Purdue University School of Advanced Propulsion campus in Kokomo, Indiana.
 2099 – The task droid population reaches one billion. The current model, the TD-9, costs just over 800Cw.

 2100 – After decades of navigating political red tape, Multa Soma, the first corporate lunar colony is started. It is a joint venture between the top 20 mining corporations. Several large drilling and mining operations commence to extract the trillions of Commonwealth in gold, diamonds and exotic metals thought to exist in the moons crust from billions of years of meteor impacts.
 2100 – Just a month from the grand opening of the Djoser Mars Gateway a suicide bomber yells “John Titor is alive!”, and detonates the car he is riding in. The explosion causes so much damage to critical infrastructure that it sets back the opening date by two years.
 2100 – The world population reaches 13 billion.
 2100 – The BlackWatch begins construction of a secret complex on the moon known as Camelot Command.
 2100 – Utilizing 5th generation of hyper metals, AoN launches three unmanned probes to Venus. And two to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
 2101 – Universal Two opens to civilians. It has a Disney Land theme park known as Disney In Space. It also has a gambling area known as Space Vegas. Able to accommodate up to 15,000 tourists it also houses hundreds of businesses and academic offices.
 2101 – BlackWatch units start fielding the All Environment All Krysis suit. Less about protection and more about mobility, the K1 was a suit of MyoSyn bundles that allowed the host to run, jump, climb, dodge and strike as someone with increased strength. Endurance was effectively limitless as long as food and water were available. Remarkably the suit was no more encumbering than a snow suit. These suits are also able to utilize 8th generation cloaking fields.

 2102 – UniNet is upgraded to 500 Tb/sec.
 2102 – A small, secret, Chinese outpost on the Moon is destroyed when their poorly maintained fusion drill suffers a catastrophic failure, destroying the entire base and killing all personal. The explosion was able to be seen from dark side of Earth.
 2102 – Utilizing antimatter catalyzed nuclear propulsion, Two manned scientific missions, Jovian Alpha and Jovian Beta, set out on a 5 year roundtrip scientific journey to Jupiter and its moons. For the first time humans will travel past Mars and be able to lay eyes on the king of planets. Equipment and ITD’s are taken to establish permanent automated bases where possible.
 2102 – After the implementing advanced security measures and safeguards, the Djoser Mars gate officially opens as the first settlers pass through the gate. Several hundred are hospitalized from what is known as Trans Planetary Travel Syndrome. It occurs when the energy used to teleport the body interacts differently with the person traveling. Usually nausea, headaches and dizziness occur. In rare occasions the teleportation causes unexplained bursting of internal organs that usually result in instant death. By the end of the year more than a million people and 3,000,000 tons of supplies and equipment have passed through the gate. Multiple layers of stringent security are in place to stop any contamination that may be discovered and passed through the gate.
 2102 – Several attempts to blow up the gate are thwarted by The BlackWatch. Including the attempted detonation of a nuclear weapon by a radical branch of the Earth Centric Coalition called Mars Zero.
 2102 – Two of the three Venus probes land successfully and begin their mission of collecting data. Contact with the third is lost soon after it entered the atmosphere.
 2103 – The Jovian vessels reach Jupiter. The entire world celebrates the occasion.
 2104 – Several automated outposts are started on IO, Ganymede and Europa.
 2104 – Contact with Jovian Beta is lost. All attempts to locate the vessel fail.
 2104 – First successful test flight of a negative mass engine is achieved at Groom Lake Nevada.
 2104 –
 2104 – The construction renaissance continues. 2104 marks a milestone where nearly 75%,8 billion, of the the worlds population live in urban rather than rural areas. The worlds major cities have expanded at such an explosive rate that the worlds top 200 cities account for half of the worlds population. A byproduct of such expansion is that most large cites now have a large urban sprawl on their outskirts. These sprawls account for nearly a third of the population, or about 2 billion people. The sprawls surrounding these mega and hyper cities are rundown but not necessarily squalor conditions.

 2104 – Xia reaches a population of 250,000 and is 40% self sufficient. Lunagrad reaches 110,000 and is 70% self sufficient. Churchill reaches 96,000 and is 55% self sufficient. Thea reaches 230,000 inhabitants. Selene reaches 300,000 both drop to 85% self sufficiency as populations continue to rise faster than expected.
 2105 – The population of New York, Paris, Chicago, Moscow, Manila, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles all exceed 100 million. Tokyo, Guangzhou, Seoul, Delhi, Mumbai and Mexico City exceed 150 million.
 2105 – Camelot Command begins its role as command and control for BlackWatch as well as other clandestine operations. A information network known as the Celerity Matrix also comes online. Both are maintained by a semi-sentient quantum computer known as Avalon.
 2106 – The Cydonia-Djoser gate sees its 10 millionth traveler. The cities of Cydonia on Mars and Djoser on Earth are growing at almost exponential rates as industries and trades set up business close to the gates to facilitate distribution and accelerate time to market.

 2106 – After exploring the asteroid belt for 15 years all data suggests that the asteroid belt possess more valuable metals, gems and other substances that previously imagined. With so much encouragement from surveying less than 1% of the asteroid belt, every mining company able to afford it, sends out prospectors and hired guns to claim prime asteroids. Its the start of a ruthless and cut throat race for riches. No holds barred. An all out war starts between the largest mining companies in the lawless asteroid belt. Each company hires a small army of mercenaries as part of the crew on their prospecting ships. The pay and lure of adventure ensures no shortage of applicants.
 2106 – Utilizing 10th generation hyper-metal AoN sends 500 ITD’s to land and start building factories underground on Venus that are capable of building more ITD’s so that sufficient numbers can be produced to start the construction of atmospheric processors.
 2107 – The first commercial hybrid negative mass engines, HNME, goes into production on commercial space transports and trans-atmospheric passenger liners and military vehicles. Allowing the craft to reach orbit using only half the normal amount of fuel.
 2107 – Jovian Alpha returns with much fanfare to Earth.
 2107 – The one billionth cyber eye is installed in Tokyo Japan.
 2107 – Jovian “C” departs Moon orbit. It is an automated vessel that will transform itself into a scientific research laboratory after entering orbit around Jupiter.
 2108 – UniNet is upgraded to 25 Tbs/sec.
 2108 – Task Droid population reaches 1.5 billion. The current model, the TD-13, costs just over 700 Cw.
 2108 – Excavation of newly discovered chamber near Cydonia-Djoser gate is found to be much larger than originally thought. During excavation two additional monolithic gates are discovered. Both are inactive and appear to be the exact same size as the first. After clearing the debris with droids Dr. Adams who courageously stepped through the first gate is invited by the discovering team to examine the newly discovered gates. Approaching the first one sets off a reaction similar to the first gate. Green cuneiform scripts start to appear in mid air and float around. The monolith starts to hum and a slight greenish glow appears around its edge and the scientists feel the energy that surrounds it. Over the course of an hour the monolith gradually becomes transparent revealing what seems to be an underwater scene. Dr. Adams then approaches the second gate. After a few seconds of anticipation the green cuneiform scripts start to appear. This time they are noticeably different in shape and appearance. After a few minutes they fade and there are no noticeable changes to the third gate, it remains inactive. Turning their attention to the second gate they start so see a gradual increase in the ambient light on the water side of the gate. Within an hour they start to see fish and other marine life swim past. Then what appears to be a great white shark appears, perhaps drawn to the energy emitted from the gate. The scientists start to speculate that this gate may also lead to Earth. Immediately a search begins on Earth with the three most probable locations checked first. Legendary island of Hy-Brasil off the coast of Ireland, the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea and the island of Bimini off the coast of Florida. As a makeshift lab is set up outside the gate hundreds of dive drones explore the suspected areas. Then as the scientists watch, a drone exploring the Bimini area approaches the gate. The gate is located about 9000 feet off the coast of Bimini and what is discovered to be the end of the Bimini road discovered in 1968. The transformation of the small island starts over night.
 2108 – Autonomous mining ships head out to Jupiter and its many moons. Once in orbit the ships transform themselves into mining and manufacturing platforms that can be scaled to accommodate future expansion.
 2108 – After refitting, Jovian Alpha is sent back to Jupiter with a large contingent of specialized task droids. Once in orbit around Jupiter it will convert Jovian Alpha into Jovian 1, a space station way point for future missions to resupply from.
 2109 – A tunnel is started from the Miami International Spaceport to the Bimini – Mars gate.
 2109 – Increased efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs allow for large scale commercialization and production of catalyzed nuclear fusion propulsion systems. Paving the way for corporations to send manned flights to the asteroid belt and automated ones to the outer planets.
 2109 – Sagan Space Manufacturing LTD build and operate the the first non-military space based dry dock produces its first ship. A mining frigate for Tycho Industries.
 2110 – Nano-Bacta is added to BlackWatch’s arsenal. Billions of nano bots are injected into the bloodstream until a wound is sustained. Nano-Bacta swarm to the wound and repair and rebuild the tissue. A bullet wound takes only minutes to heal. Organs cannot yet be healed in this manner but blood loss and trauma are still reduced and survivability goes up ten fold.

 2110 – 5 of the largest mining corporation race against one another and launch expeditions to the asteroid belt to establish mining operations on select asteroids.
 2111 – Xia reaches a population of 550,000 and is 20% self sufficient. Lunagrad reaches 310,000 and is 40% self sufficient. Churchill reaches 205,000 and is 35% self sufficient. Thea reaches 430,000 inhabitants. Selene reaches 500,000 both drop to 55% self sufficiency as populations continue to rise faster than expected.
 2111 – The first phase of the Miami – Bimini tunnel is complete. Bimini has grown from 9 sq miles to 90 square miles as construction of Bimini-Mars gate continues at an unprecedented pace. The United States Navy also Establishes a Naval Base – The United States Navy Bimini Gate Naval Headquarters. It is home to two Super Carriers, the USS Black Ace and USS Ronald Reagan II. Under the guise of Naval construction and lost in the complexity and enormity of the the overall base construction, a small secret base is built under the island, roughly covering 500,000 sq ft It remains empty and the droids that built it are remotely reprogrammed and over the course of the next year randomly fail and are destroyed. The secret base remains empty and hidden.
 2112 – Jovian 1 is finished and is able to accommodate 5 ships and 1000 personal with a crew of 10-20 and 50 task droids.
 2112 – Cosmic Ship Wurks opens a dry dock open to both commercial and private parties.
 2112 – Either through sabotage or human error, a fusion reactor on Universal One goes critical. In place safeguards allow for most to be evacuated before the reactor explodes. The station is torn into two pieces. The larger of the two breaks orbit and starts a journey into deep space. To the horror of everyone, the smaller of the two pieces heads for Earth. A 300,000 ton of flaming wreckage enters the atmosphere at 100 miles per second. Passing through the atmosphere it looses a third of its mass and breaks up creating a sonic boom that is able to be heard everywhere on earth. The largest chunk weighing 10,000 tons slams into a small Russian bay on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Near the border of Russia, China and former North Korea. The nearby Chinese city of Hunchun is nearly destroyed. 80% of the city’s population that did not evacuate is killed or wounded. Nearly 2 million perish in the surrounding region. Smaller pieces of debris pepper the Asian Pacific Rim region. A few pieces are large enough and hit populated centers and take out entire buildings. Over all, nearly 3 million people are killed or wounded.
 2113 – Overcoming delays and malfunctions, the first autonomous ITD factory begins production underground on Venus.
 2114 – UniNet is upgraded to 750 Tbs/s
 2114 – Cydonia reached 5 million citizens and Djoser reaches 8 million.
 2115 – Task Droid population reaches two billion. The current model, the TD-22, costs just over 650Cw.
 2115 – Xia reaches a population of 1,100,000 and is 10% self sufficient. Lunagrad reaches 610,000 and is 40% self sufficient. Churchill reaches 500,000 and is 25% self sufficient. Thea reaches 800,000 inhabitants. Selene reaches 900,000 both drop to 35% self sufficiency as populations continue to rise faster than expected.
 2115 – The Bimini-Mars gate opens for business. The presence of the Naval base deters would-be terrorists. The second phase of the Miami-Bimini tunnel opens with the potential capacity of 100,000 vehicles each way per day.
 2115 – 75% of the power used by the industrialized world is supplied by fusion reactors. Compact fuel cells power 50% of the all vehicles. The remainder get 100+ miles to the gallon.
 2116 – Vast mining operations in the asteroid belt and around Jupiter, Saturn and their moons start to supply the inner planets with virtually unlimited resources. The Moon colonies start to expand at every increasing rates due to the space traffic increasing to the outer planets as scientific and corporations set up bases to make it easier to reach the rest of the solar system. Tycho crater on the Moon becomes home to Tycho City. A city started by the United Terran Corporations, UTC, a consortium of corporations that united to contribute to build Tycho and thus have access to it. Any corporation willing to donate assistance in anyway has access based on their contribution. The largest and founding member of the UTC is TYCHO Universal Corp. A diverse hyper-corporation that, over the course of its 120 year history has become an umbrella corporation for thousands of smaller companies who all contribute to the TYCHO coffers. Current TYCHO CEO, Coraline Reagan, became the first Multi-trillionaire in 2115 with a net worth of 2.1 trillion Cw.
 2116 – An accidental breakthrough in hyper-quantum mechanics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology allows for the breakdown of matter digitally. A beam of charged quantum particles when “tuned” to a materials quantum signature allows that material to be “absorbed” by a specially designed “Uni-directional Material Inductive Laser Field”. Allowing it to be stored as information. The first successful test on a coffee mug is accomplished before the end of the year. It takes up one terabyte and the computer needs 5 minutes to process it. The process is dubbed “Gridding” because of a flash of light caused by the MILF that forms a light grid over the object just before it is digitized and re-digitized.
 2117 – Construction starts on Universal 3 that will employ the first hybrid negative mass gravity induction system that will simulate 1G.
 2117 – Star Struck Industries opens a third dry dock open to both commercial and private space craft and is over 95% automated.
 2118 – Tycho launches three automated mining ships. Two to Saturn and one to Jupiter’s moon of IO.
 2118 – Underground factories on Venus start to built the foundation for colonies.
 2118 – The world population reaches 14 billion.
 2118 – First transmission of a gridded object over a closed network is successful at MIT. It is the beginning of an evolutionary change in how matter is stored and distributed.
 2120 – In only 14 years the population of Mars reaches 200 million people.
 2120 – UniNet achieves 900 Tbs/s
 2120 – BlackWatch Kill Squads start using grid clips for their ammunition. The first clips hold roughly the same ammo as ten standard clips. They are also issued the first “Grid Belts”. To the causal observer they appear to resemble utility belts, however, they were able to store a dozen small solid objects such as knives, rope, or any other small gear required for a mission.
 2120 – With space travel becoming inexpensive, nearly 1000 mining corporations are in competition to claim, secure and mine the asteroid belt. Almost 25% has been mapped and 3% of the asteroids are being mined. Largely ignored, these corporations are waging a war amongst themselves. With profit potential of trillions of Common Wealth per year as much effort goes into combat operations as does mining operations for most of the corporations.
 2121 – The first unofficial space battle takes place in the asteroid belt Ring Rock Mining and Wilcox Frontier Mining and Processing. Their respective prospector ships arrive around a particularly promising asteroid and a battle ensues. Each ship quickly dispatches a landing party to claim rights to the asteroid. Neither acknowledge the others claim and a fire fight breaks out between the two groups. Seeing his side loosing on the surface the pilot of the Ring Rock Mining vessel rams the Wilcox ship and the two become conjoined. Soon the Ring Rock troops bust through and a start attacking the crew of the Wilcox ship. Within hours the Ring Rock mercenaries have control of the Wilcox ship and the Wilcox landing party surrenders and Ring Rock sets up shop. This becomes the beginning of an era that resembles the pirate days of the 17th and 18th centuries on Earth. Ship captains even take on names of famous pirates such as Black Beard, Calico Jack. Captain Kidd and Black Caesar.
 2121 – The island of Taiwan has become one large hyper-city of 220 million people.
 2122 – On the five billion ton asteroid, Beauford, where the American United mining corp and the French mining corp, Renault Mining have been coexisting for years a skirmish breaks out when a large vein of precious metals is discovered by American United worth an estimated 3 trillion. A squad of mercenaries from Renault ambush and kill the American team that is setting up equipment at the opening to the vein. A young resourceful mechanic, William Pontius, outfits one of the large 15 ton mining exoskeletons with armor and weapons. The Mech is born. Using his mech a small group of highly trained American United Marines attack the Renault troops. Out numbered almost 10 to 1 the American United troops easily defeat the Renault troops with the superior firepower of the mech. Within a year specialized Mechs are being produced for both mining and battle.
 2124 – Mars population reaches 500 million people.
 2125 – With all necessary upgrades in place and after exhaustive tests, Avalon become the first sentient computer in human history. Able to process 5 Sextillion operations per second.
 2125 – The first successful test of a true negative mass engine takes place at the Purdue Advanced Propulsion lab on Universal Two.
 2125 – A fusion power plant , powering a secret Asian Pacific Defense Organization military complex on Hainan island, goes critical. As a result simultaneous release of several experimental bio-toxins and large amounts of radiation are released over most of the island. As a result 2 million perish and the entire island is quarantined. An army of security task droids patrol the coastline and littoral waters and shoot on sight. China also starts to build a security perimeter wall around most of the island. Strange, unsubstantiated, reports of the the bio toxins turning the local population into flesh eating zombies leak from the region. Journalists and researchers seeking to make a name form themselves attempt to sneak onto the island. None are known to have returned. The massive Chinese government propaganda machine spins their footage as fabricated and their army of state sponsored hackers bring down the majority of servers hosting such footage. The government has ringed the island with its most advanced anti-air detection systems to prevent drones from over flying the airspace. A tactic many see as either over kill of more likely an aggressive attempt to hide the truth.
 2125 – Construction on Universal 4 is started. Will be largest man-made structure in space. Able to accommodate 250,000 personnel. Joint project between AON and TYCHO Industries.
 2125 – After five years of planning the first manned trip to Venus is launched from the Moon. It consists of 10 scientists from various fields of study. The ship is expected to land in the recently built underground facilities that have been under construction.
 2126 – Crew land successfully on Venus. The day is marked with world-wide celebrations as man sets foot on the third inner planet.
 2126 – The first true NME is installed in a unmanned resupply spacecraft destined to Jovian 1, a large space station way point that supplies all outposts past the asteroid belt. Requiring just 50 hours to accelerate to five million miles per hour, round trip times between the Jupiter and Earth have been reduced to days, even for large spacecraft.
 2126 – The use of the grid cone is first done by BlackWatch. The size of a golf ball, but frequently made to look like a normal item, it allows for roughly two dozen items to be stored within it.
 2127 – A truly historic event takes place. The first true inertia damping system is tested at PARADISE RANCH. Once perfected it will allow humans to travel on vessels with negative mass engines and survive the G-forces caused by their acceleration.
 2127 – Xia reaches a population of 3,800,000 and is 25% self sufficient. Lunagrad reaches 1,500,000 and is 30% self sufficient. Churchill reaches 1,200,000 and is 20% self sufficient. Thea reaches 1,900,000 inhabitants. Selene reaches 2,100,000 both are 55% self sufficient.
 2128 – As mega-cities and hyper-cities grow like a living organism over the planet the newer construction spreads out leaving the older construction in its wake. These “sprawls” take on a life of their own. Becoming a place for lower class citizens to live and work. It also becomes a haven for crime an corruption some sprawls become proxy battlegrounds for corporations of all sizes to hash out their differences. Sometime leaving entire city blocks in ruin after a skirmish. With city populations reaching above 200 million in some cases city officials do not have the resources to police these sprawls, leaving them to their own brand of justice in many cases. Enter Coraline’s latest venture, DETHTEK. A supermarket of weapons and other gear. DETHTEK’s start small. Roughly the size of a fast food restaurant and selling only small arms and light armor. It is a joint venture with Sharper Technologies. Its founder, Stephan Sharp, and Coraline are romantically linked.
 2128 – TYCHO and Sharper Technologies partners with TerraDyne to bring their cyberware products into the sprawl. In 2125 TerraDyne opened a chain of mid to high end cyberware boutiques known as The Body Shop, bringing cyberware to the masses at reasonable costs. Strict local and federal regulations limited what it could sell and where it could open its stores.
 2128 – The Venus colony – Hesperos – welcomes its 200th citizen scientist. And work begins on an underground atmospheric processor and mankind’s first attempt at terra forming a planet.
 2129 – A second automated colony is started on the opposite side of Venus from Hesperos. Half of the ITDs start on the construction of factories and living quarters and the other half start the construction of a second atmospheric processor expected to twice as large as the one at Hesperos.
 2129 – Licensing the right to the Neural Net Interface TerraDyne introduces the first commercially available Chip Jack. It is a single slot and requires a small digital card that measured 15 mm square and 3 mm thick. In it could be placed in the slot to become the digital equivalent of a skill that the user needed or desired without the need to learn it. The fist skills were limited in their level and some of the early chips caused permanent brain damage if the acclimation process was not followed exactly. It took several days of assimilation before the skill could be used with aptitude. TerraDyne’s integration into the DETHTEK chain spurred research of products down a different path. A path bourne from TerraDyne’s military research and development but geared more for the sprawlisite who wanted to stay alive in what could be an unforgiving environment. By the end of the year they introduced Dermal Weave, Joint resurfacing and Bone Mesh to their DETHTEK stores.
 2129 – UniNet is upgraded to 1000 Tbs/sec.
 2129 – Xia reaches a population of 4,600,000, Lunagrad reaches 2,300,000, Churchill reaches 2,100,000, Thea reaches 2,900,000 inhabitants, Selene reaches 3,200,000 and phenomenal construction and migration, Tycho City reaches 8,000,000 and takes up nearly half of the Tycho crater. Due to the use of hybrid negative mass engines the cost of importing required goods and materials from the asteroid belt and Earth has become cheaper than sustaining self sufficiency. Tyco and Xia surface structures have grown to the point where they can be seen at night with the naked eye.
 2129 – BlackWatch units start wearing form flack with “Grid Nodes” woven into it. Stripping down to the form flack then allows for the gridding in of non-seal-able rigid armor.
 2130 – At the Tycho Entertainment Megaplex, the first mech arena opens. The stadium is a actually a nearby crater where a large complex has been built to accommodate nearly a million people under the crater floor people as well as 100 stables for corporations to rent out for their mechs. The battle area is nearly 10 square miles of the crater floor. Battles between two to twenty teams take place every weekend. Thousands of static cameras and Hundreds of drones and live reporters are scattered throughout the battlefield broadcasting the battles live.
 2130 – After 45 years of research a scientist working with a semi-sentient computer network at the Commercial Star Communications Corporation has a break through in transmitting data through a phenomena known as Quantum Entanglement. Quantum entanglement allows for data to be instantly transmitted from one point to another with distance being limited only by the power and size of the sending and receiving transmitters.
 2130 – The population of Mars breaks the 750 million mark.
 2131 – A gel that would become the foundation and concept of the conscious crystal is discovered by the nuclear medicine research division of UltraDynamics Corp in a laboratory that was researching techniques for recording dreams. The gel was able to not only store dreams but conscious thoughts when powered by the bio-electric current of a living organism. As the research progressed it became evident that the conscious crystal could “record” the events of a persons life. It was a mirror image of all the accumulated events that the host experienced throughout his lifetime but only the events and experiences that occurred after the conscious crystal was installed.
 2131 – The first test of the quantum entanglement transmission, or hyper-pulse transmission, is conducted between Earth and Mars. Successful, it allows real-time transmission of data. The real benefit of hyper-pulse transmission will be to the facilities past the asteroid belt. Allowing real time data collaboration will speed up research and development immeasurably.
 2131 – 90% of the power used by the industrialized world is supplied by fusion reactors. Compact fuel cells power 90% of the all vehicles.
 2131 – Nearly 50% of the all humans have some form of cybernetic augmentation beyond a cyber eye and nearly 80% have at least a cyber eye.
 2131 – Task Droid population reaches three billion. The current model, the TD-22, costs just over 550Cw.
 2132 – Universal 3 opens for business. Able to accommodate 100,000 personal.
 2132 – A manned craft with the first inertial dampening system and Negative Mass engine launches from Earth orbit. Its goal is to accelerate to 5 million miles per hour within two days and reach Neptune in about 600 hours or about 24 days. While near Neptune they will release probe satellites and return within a two months of departure. The mission is a success beyond expectations and kick starts a negative mass engine building renaissance as tourists companies and mining companies pour in orders for ships large enough to take them to the outer planets. A manned mission to Pluto is the next.
 2133 – A completely automated colony is set up on Venus to start construction of the third atmospheric processor.
 2133 – The perimeter wall enclosing Hainan island is complete. China is able to keep most of what goes on in the interior of the island a secret by waging a propaganda war. It creates the Global Prison Consortium which turns the whole island into a prison and starts accepting prisoners from all over the world, the Moon and Mars.
 2133 – Grid nodes are implanted directly into the skin of the soldier. This allows for armor to grid in under cloths designed to break away under these conditions.
 2134 – Efficient methods of gridding clothing are developed and the implanted grid nodes are upgraded for two-way gridding. This allows the soldier to grid away his cloths and grid in rigid armor. The whole process takes 90 seconds, 30 for cloths and 60 for armor.
 2135 – UniNet is operating at 1300 Tbs/s
 2135 – Xia reaches a population of 7,700,000. Lunagrad reaches 3,300,000. Churchill reaches 2,500,000. Thea reaches 3,900,000. Selene reaches 5,100,000. Tycho City reaches 13,000,000 and takes up three quarters of the Tycho crater.
 2135 – Refinements in the size, cost and power cost of manufacturing of hybrid negative mass engines allows for trans-atmospheric flight without the use of chemical engines. Now, with sustained speeds of 30,000 mph and hybrid early model inertia dampers, the time to travel to the moon drops to around 10 hours. Travel to the opposite side of Earth now takes less than 2 hours. With abilities for such rapid transit to the moon colonies, whole new socioeconomic system develops and a new wave of emigration begins.
 2135 – On its 50th anniversary Universal 1 is decommissioned and turned into a giant warehouse for anyone willing to pay for space.
 2136 – The Hainan prison reaches its 1 millionth prisoner. Life inside the prison is harsh as rumors of mutated creatures start to emerge.
 2137 – The second Venusian atmospheric processor comes online.
 2137 – While research continues on the conscious crystal – UltraDynamics releases the Dream Crystal. A finished version of the original idea of recording dreams. A small dream crystal is imbedded into a light elastic hood that is worn while asleep. It is capable of recording dreams. Success for the first generation is only around 80%. However, clever and massive 10 billion CW marketing campaign succeeds and a new fad/trend of “dream sharing” is born.
 2137 – A scientist working with a sample of the conscious gel in a zero-g lab was able to formulate the gel into another state of a semi-permeable membrane.
 2138 – Refinements in grid efficiency allow cloths to gridded away in 20 seconds and armor to be gridded in 45 seconds and powered armor to be gridded in in 100 seconds.
 2138 – An automated mission to Pluto is launched. The mission goal is to establish an automated base in preparation of human arrival. It takes the spacecraft 92 days to arrive. Kept secret from the public a probe released onto the surface finds a life boat from the Jovian Beta ship that launched in 2102.
 2139 – as the sprawls of mega-cities continue to grow a new industry emerges. What initially started as illegal clinics in many sprawls has grown into a thriving industry. In 2095 several breakthroughs in bio engineering led to the development of cloning of select body parts from the hosts stem cells. This allowed for parts of the body that did not regenerate naturally to be regenerated. This included eyes, fingers, toes, ears, tongues, even entire limbs. Due to high failure rates, internal organs could not be cloned effectively. Then at the Peoples Republic Medical Research Center in Beijing scientists, conducting unknown and illegal experiments on unwitting peasants who thought they were signing up for routine medical trials, discovered or created a universal stem cell compatible with every human on the planet.  This breakthrough allowed for Bio-regeneration for anyone and allowed for “spare” body parts to be grown and kept ready for implantation at a moment’s notice. Cutting down patient downtime by 90% from weeks to just days. The one major drawback was still the chance of rejection. Though only a fraction of what it was, to the medical community it was still high. Seeing the potential for trillions of CW in licensing fees, the Chinese government began licensing the Universal Stem Cell or USTEM, to any medical or research facility willing to pay the hefty licensing fee. This allowed for a huge market to form that allowed hospitals to store USTEM created body parts to be used when needed by a patient who had suffered a traumatic injury. By 2105 the rejection issues had been reduced to under 5% of implants by utilizing specially created nanobots that monitored the implant and administered advanced anti-rejection meds precisely when and where the rejection started. In 2108, the unscrupulous head of the advanced R&D department at a large hyper corp in India, Brahma Pharma, saw potential in taking this one step further, mostly for his own gains. His name was Ghalib Omesa. Up to this point augmentation beyond the human norm of the patient being treated was considered immoral and almost universally rejected as an option and thus not much real world research had been done. Using his position and resources,  Ghalib Omesa opened clinics and started secret trials in the sprawls and slums of India’s largest cites. In these clinics there were no shortage of participants willing to be duped into nefarious experiments with the USTEM for money. The poor were lured into the clinics on the promise of money for allowing of routine testing of new vaccines or medicines. It was a goldmine of willing test subjects. Within a few months the waiting list had stretched to more than a year with some clinics experiencing such an influx of willing participants that the wait was nearly three years. As a result Ghalib Omesa opened hundreds of clandestine clinics. A small portion of the participants were given placebos or medications that were undergoing legitimate trials. However, the majority were given various strands of the USTEM altered to cause programmed augmentations. They were also implanted with remote sensors to monitor their condition. Some were also followed by drones or given a “complimentary” Medroid that would monitor the patient’s condition and was also able to administer various medications to alter the patients course of treatment. His endeavor yielded astonishing results and allowed him to formulate a business model that would allow patients to opt for “enhanced” USTEM treatments that would repair or replace the failed body part with a more advanced bio-augmented body part that could exceed the capabilities of the original by as much as 25% at less than half the cost of a cyber-replacement. His Bio-Augmentation system would allow a  cost effective way for patients to opt for enhanced capabilities in the case of a traumatic accident. In 2121 Ghalib Omesa took his results and falsified their origins to look as if the research has been conducted legitimately and on willing subjects and published his finding in leading medical journals. In 2122 he was  awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Humanitarian Genetic Research and Advance Medical Breakthrough. Although his work and finding technically were still owned by Brahma Pharma they allowed him to form a subsidiary known as Omesa Bio-Aug LTD.  Then in 2123 as medical facilities on both Terra and Mars were gearing up to offer  Ghalib Omesa’s revolutionary augmentations the wheels started to fall off. Somehow evidence that Ghalib Omesa was planning on also opening his own bio-aug clinics under a dummy corporation that would take bio-aug a step further and allow people to walk in off the street and have elective augmentation. The plan itself was not what started the downfall of Ghalib Omesa but that fact he hid it from his superiors at Brahma Pharma. They immediately fired Ghalib and shut down his department. They also dispatched a specialized team of forensic hackers to dig deep to find what else he may be hiding. Within 3 months the polished veneer that Ghalib had built to hid his dirty little research secrets was shattered. The world learned how Ghalib’s research had been conducted on upwards of 5 million people and that almost 4 million had either died or been irreparably affected. Ghalib was universally condemned and a 100 million bounty had been placed on his head. All the progress he had done was considered null and void and all implementation of his bio-aug procedures were stopped or never implemented. Now stuck with specialized equipment that was all but useless, manufactures that were contracted to design and build equipment for Omesa Bio-Aug sold it for a fraction of its worth or donated it to number of institutions but almost a quarter of it “went missing”. For a short time a crusade was waged to shut down all the clinics he had opened in the sprawls but it was short lived and soon abandoned altogether after only finding and closing less than 20% of the clinics. They were very hard to find and the locals, being afraid of any outside authority, were tight lipped. As the whole ordeal left the global consciousness the small clinics left behind started to operate independently and a black market for augmented body parts quickly sprung up. At first it was India but by 2139 it was a thriving business in almost every sprawl on Terra. Most clinics were backroom affairs spread by word of mouth but in the larger sprawls there were also a fair number that operated in the open with their own storefronts. They offered discounts to local gangs for protection.
 2140 – With the world watching the huge mountain sized underground atmospheric processor on Venus is brought to life.
 2140 – Though ready in 2130 but held back due to the necessity to invent and enact universal rules for their use, the first consumer HNME goes into production on a personal transport craft roughly the size of a Leer Jet and costing a mere 2.5 million Common Wealth. Mostly used in place of the iconic “18 wheeler”, negative mass tractor trailers start to show up around the world. The first models still have wheels in case of emergencies and are not yet efficient enough to justify their investment by any but the wealthiest corporations who want to show they are on the cutting edge.
 2141 – Grid efficiency increases, allowing cloths to gridded away in 15 seconds and armor to be gridded in 35 seconds and powered armor to be gridded in in 80 seconds.
 2142 – True Negative mass engines are common place on larger space faring vessels but still too bulky for vessels under 1000 tons. These vessels rely on hybrid negative mass engines. All vessels equipped with TNME utilize 2nd or 3rd generation of inertia damping.
 2142 – Construction starts on the fourth Venusian atmospheric processor.
 2143 – The first conscious crystal was created and tested. The first implants were done at the Mars-Phobos penal colony located in the interior the Mars moon of Phobos. After several years of testing it was found that the prime location for the conscious crystal to interface with the human consciousness was the brainstem. This lead to the invention of the conscious crystal interface.
 2143 – Universal 4 opens for business.
 2144 – Grid efficiency increases, allowing cloths to gridded away in 10 seconds and armor to be gridded in 25 seconds and powered armor to be gridded in in 60 seconds.
 2144 – The dream sharing trend created by UltraDynamics dream crystals has turned into a 10 billion CW per year and growing phenomenon. An estimated 18% of the entire population is sharing dreams.
 2145 – The BlackWatch proxy corporation, TerraDyne, organizes and sponsors the TerraDyne Technology Conference, TTC. Its size and scope are unprecedented. An open invitation goes out for every company willing to set up a booth is allowed to at no cost. Help is even given to those who qualify for ancillary costs such as travel. All booths must be the same size regardless of the size of the company and any ideas or concepts can be showcased to would be vendors as long as they demonstrate some variant of existing technology or entirely new concepts. In a keynote speech that will go down in the annals of human history as one of the most pivotal, TerraDyne CEO Izabelle Corvinus, not only introduces Grid technology to the world but gives the source code away to anyone who wants it. The code has built in limitations and the code itself will take years if not a decade or more to reverse engineer. Meanwhile, The BlackWatch will continue to upgrade and refine its gridding technology.
 2145 – The newly formed Solar Wind Space Lines launches its inaugural tour flight on its first solar system star liner, the Solar Maiden. It is able to accommodate 1000 guests and 100 crew. It is scheduled to take a five month tour of the solar system. Outfitted with the 2nd generation of the negative mass engine it is able to accelerate to 9 million miles per hour in only 36 hours.
 2145 – Abigail Freshour is born in Delphi and becomes the ONE Billionth person on MARS. A grand celebration takes place in her honor.
 2145 – Xia reaches a population of 10,500,000. Lunagrad reaches 4,500,000. Churchill reaches 3,600,000. Thea reaches 4,500,000. Selene reaches 6,000,000. Tycho City reaches 16,000,000.
 2145 – UniNet achieves 1600 Tbs/s
 2145 – The world population reaches 16 billion.
 2146 – TYCHO Industries begins construction on the first privately built space station known as TYCHO STAR.
 2146 – Select military units start using the conscious crystals on a full time basis.
 2146 – A man by the name of Commander Ulysses Van Leuwen arrives at the Bimini US Naval Headquarters. He makes his way in to hanger 18. He makes his way to the underground facility built in 2111. Within a year the Lieutenant General has in place a small team of scientists and the facility is up and running. It is called the Proteus Lab and Project NEXUS is born. Though its foundation is the accumulated research and knowledge of Project Purity its direction makes it unique in its own right.
 2147 – Construction starts on the fifth Venusian APS.
 2147 – With the events that Ghalib in had started in 2139 all but a memory in the global conscious a company called Massive Dynamics, having gone through all the proper channels, began licensing Bio-Augmentation under the term – Bio-Ware to all major class 9 and above medical facilities. From the ashes of Ghalib’s research the scientists at Massive Dynamic were able to develop a way for internal organs to also be grown from either the patient’s own stem cells, which is preferred, or USTEM’s. Though the process was slow, often taking several weeks to months to grow and implant, it was a substantial and welcomed breakthrough. The combined research of Ghalib and Massive Dynamic scientists also provided dozens of breakthroughs that advanced the science of cloning by half a century allowing the use of Conscious Crystals to go mainstream and proving to be a godsend when Black Dawn of ’69 occurred. It has never been clear where Massive Dynamics got the research material to advance the bio-aug program. Brahma Pharma claims to never have let anyone have access to their records.  
 2148 – The third Venusian atmospheric processor comes online.
 2149 – Task Droid population reaches four billion. The current model, the TD-22, costs just over 450Cw.
 2149 – The first permanent manned surface outpost is established on the Jovian moon of Callisto. It has been built to accommodate up to 250 personnel with an initial contingent of 25.
 2150 – First generation of NEXUS prototypes, which are virtual beings rather than flesh and blood, begin their virtual testing.
 2150 – Construction starts on Universal 5.
 2150 – True Negative Mass Engines can now be fitted to space craft weighing as little as 500 tons and utilize 4th generation inertia damping.
 2151 – “The Body Shop” chain as well as other augmentation franchises begin selling the first conscious crystals to the public. As an incentive the installation of the conscious crystal interface required to use the conscious crystal is installed free of charge. Initially sales don not meet expectations because of the resistance and uncertainty that still surrounds the use of clones.
 2152 – After a massive, 15 billion CW, advertising blitzkrieg on the safety and benefits of cloning Massive Dynamics opens the first commercial cloning center in Kokomo Indiana. That is followed immediately by simultaneous openings of 50 clinics around the world. Although strictly regulated within just a few short years – unlicensed clone clinics start to pop up in sprawls and countries with less stringent regulations. At first the adoption is slow due to the counter cloning culture that would organize large protests outside many of the clinics and their moderately successful propaganda campaign in the media. But as costs continued to decrease many started to look at it as a sort of quasi immortality. Clones start out at 100,000 CW and most clinics offer financing.
 2153 – The sixth, and largest, Venusian APS starts construction.
 2153 – The worlds most advanced militaries start to deploy tanks and armored vehicles using advanced HNME’s. Considerably how potential conflicts would be waged. The speed and maneuverability of these AHNME vehicles all but ensures annihilation of traditionally powered armored vehicles. Militaries not able to field these advanced vehicles know they have been placed at a substantial disadvantage.
 2154 – The largest cities allow limited sales of personal HNME vehicles. Strict rules are enacted to ensure safety and to prevent accidents. Sales are limited to no more than ten thousand per year per city and the range and altitude are closely monitored and enforced by HNME equipped police vehicles.
 2155 – The Population of Mars reaches 1.2 billion
 2155 – UniNet achieves 2000 Tbs/s
 2155 – Xia reaches a population of 12,600,000. Lunagrad reaches 7,500,000. Churchill reaches 4,200,000. Thea reaches 5,400,000. Selene reaches 7,100,000. Tycho City reaches 19,000,000.
 2156 – With the growing acceptance of conscious crystals insurance companies embrace their potential after several high profile assassinations are thwarted by the use of clones and conscious crystals. Use is still limited to high profile celebrity and political figures and the ultra wealthy.
 2156 – Two highly trained Chinese kill squads from a unit called the Red Dynasty are dropped near the center of Hainan island. Their objective is unknown but out of 10 only two are kwon to have returned. Whatever was retreived was thought to have been taken to Ju-Long Sheng. Ju-Long Sheng was a little known research base the Chinese government built in 2102 and is often referred to as China’s equivalent to Area 51 in the United States. It is rumored to be the home of Archos – a sub-quantum super computer that the Chinese are attempting to make semi-sentient to counter the rumors of a similar computer called Avalon.
 2157 – A dozen automated mining ships arrive around Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.
 2158 – The Fourth Venusian APS comes online.
 2159 – Second generation of NEXUS prototypes, which are virtual beings rather than flesh and blood, begin their virtual testing.
 2159 – Standard cloning has come down to 45,000 CW
 2160 – Refinements and advancements in manufacturing have allowed HNME vehicles to reach the middle class consumer. Automation have kept accidents to acceptable levels and the yearly totals allowed to be sold have crept up to thirty thousand and demand is high.
 2160 – Plans are drawn up for the construction of a “Ringworld” A geo-synchronized structure encircling Terra at the equator. Accessible through ground to space transport or via one of 3 space elevators connected directly to Ringworld and located at Quito, Ecuador, Kampala, Uganda and Palo, Indonesia. Projected population capacity in excess of 1 billion when completed in 2400.
 2161 – The fourth Venusian atmospheric processor comes online.
 2162 – Third generation of NEXUS prototypes, which are virtual beings rather than flesh and blood, begin their virtual testing.
 2163 – Construction starts on six nearly autonomous space processing space stations around Saturn, Neptune and Uranus by Tycho and several other companies.
 2164 – As cloning technology advances, becomes less expensive and more accepted more and more middle class sign up to have a conscious crystal installed. Seeing a potential windfall, Large medical corporation purchase licenses for cloning franchises from Massive Dynamics to open up cloning studios within their larger hospitals. This makes it much easier to purchase clone. Medical corporations are still limited to provide clones only in the event of death or injuries so severe that transferring the conscious crystal to a clone is the most practical way of saving the patient and giving him the highest chance of survival.
 2165 – Xia reaches a population of 16,800,000. Lunagrad reaches 10,100,000. Churchill reaches 7,500,000. Thea reaches 7,900,000. Selene reaches 9,800,000. Tycho City reaches 22,000,000.
 2165 – UniNet achieves 2500 Tbs/s3
 2165 – The fifth Venusian APS comes online
 2165 – The culmination of over a century of scientific research and inventing the necessary technology, allows Lt. General to stand before an odd car sized device. At first a hum can be heard as its fusion power plant comes to life, then status lights start to flicker, first red then slowly fade to yellow and finally to green. After the last light is glowing a soft green a large holograph of a skeleton appears floating in front of the General. It is life-sized and measures 7’2. The Lt. General watches as the computer overlays the floating skeleton with blood vessels, then a brain and nervous system followed by oversized organs. Then a layer of muscles wraps around the figure and finally a thick layer of skin grows from the feet up, wrapping the hulking frame in a protective sheath. Ulysses watches as the holograph floats in front of him and the machine behind starts to come to life. Within its seamless outer shell lies a technology decades ahead of its time. Technically called a Bio-Fused Laminated Deposition Avatar Printer also known as the Heresy Chamber it is filled with fluids and nano-factories the machine begins to “print” the first NEXUS soldier. As all the systems come online the name CARNAC appears as a holograph floating and slowly rotating above the printer. The Lt. General mutters under his breath “Forgive me Carnac,my son, for the Hell that is to come and from that which you must save us.”
 2165 – The population of Mars reaches 1.5 billion
 2166 – The fifth Venusian APS comes online.
 2166 – From its discovery in a secret bunker lab a Chinese hyper-corp claims to have discovered and synthesized an entirely new form of stem cell called the Proto-Protein, the CEO of Peking Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical announces the introduction of a new form of life – known as a “Replicant”. Defined as a bio-engineered bio-robot. They are designed to be virtually identical to an adult human, but have superior strength, agility, and variable intelligence. A byproduct of their creation prevents a long life. This byproduct is the synthesized proto-protein. Their biological functions are kept at such an accelerated state that their cells start to self destruct near the 5 year mark from the stresses of prolonged and elevated state of metabolism. There was never much research to correct this issue as it was determined that beyond the five year mark a replicant would start to develop its own emotional responses and potentially become a liability especially in instances were the replicant may have been mistreated. There were several initial models and sub-models offered – ranging from a pleasure models to labor models. Generally, replicants were 10-15% stronger, smarter and more agile than a similar type human. Western nations unanimously condemned replicants and outlawed their purchase and use and imposed strict penalties for any violations. An anti-slavery movement sprang up overnight with some fringe factions resorting to terrorism in their attempts to end replicant manufacturing. To the surprise of most, Peking Petro received almost one hundred thousand orders within the first 24 hours. At a cost of 25,000 CW. Prior to the announcement Peking Petro had stockpiled 5,000 of what they believed to be their most popular models. Within a week they had all been delivered. The Proto-Protein allowed for the replicants to be fully grown and delivered to the client within two months and had a capacity for 50 a day with all facilities working at full production. Replicants were not easily capable of using a Neural Net Interface and due to the replicants neural complexity they are not able to use a conscious crystal. This did not stop Peking Petro from outfitting them with a real looking replica so that they could not easily be identified and either targeted by the anti-slavery movement or kidnapped.

 2166 – Average cost of a standard clone drops to below 30,000 CW.
 2166 – Over the course of the last year as Carnac was “printed” his conscious was being developed virtually. During this process Carnac was not aware he was a virtual being. His world was constructed inside a computer and to him seemed real in every way. Over that time the reality of who he was and his mission in life were instilled in him. He also underwent rigorous training to ensure he was capable of performing the task that were expected. Four more Heresy Chambers come online. The second NEXUS, Enoch, is started.
 2167 – The virtual Carnac is merged with his physical avatar and after several hours of acclimation, the chamber is lifted off and Carnac takes his first real breath. Over the course of the next several months more tests will be ran and then he will be placed with a specially designated BlackWatch unit to form an especially lethal kill squad.

 2168 – Nearly 10% of the population has a conscious crystal and 60% use dream recording that has exploded into a 100 billion CW per year industry.
 2169 – The sixth and final processing station in orbit around Saturn comes online and starts the storage and processing of gases and minerals delivered to it from automated scavenger drones. The drones skim the atmosphere and rings of Saturn for raw, valuable gases and minerals. Once processed they are stored awaiting automated pickup by a drone cargo frigate.
 2169 – Replicant production tops 150 per day and cost is down to 9,999 CW.
 2169 – Signals identical to Jovian Beta’s is picked up by deep space sensors placed in orbit around Jupiter and seems to originate from beyond Pluto. An impossible distance to traverse in that time. AoN scrambles and launches a probe in the direction of the signals origin. It is expected to reach it within 3 years.
 2169 – Masterfully Coordinated and unprecedented attacks on a scale never before seen take place on both Mars and Earth. Large bombs go off in over a three hundred major metropolitan areas as well as in half a dozen cities on Mars in the span of 30 minutes. Overwhelmed by the sheer number, size and destructive power of the attacks, emergency and military responders are stunned into chaos as the sheer scope overwhelms the response infrastructure. Though large, only a few dozen take place in large population centers. The remainder take place in the mega city sprawls or industrial centers. Then it happens, a second bomb detonates in 10 of the largest population centers exactly 2 hours after and in the same location as the initial explosions. However this bomb is biological in nature and its intended victims are the emergency responders already on site helping the victims of the explosions. The contagion spreads fast and is 90% lethal in less than 10 minutes. It is so potent that is able to bypass most cyberware designed to filter such things. Analysis concludes it is a hybrid bio-nano toxin. The nanobots act as infector agents, carrying the contagion rapidly from ground zero. The range is limited by the contagions life span of 60 minutes outside a host. No country or ethnicity is spared and no one claims responsibility for it, however, for reasons unknown, the Moon is spared. On Earth, a staggering 100 million people perish and another 250 million are sickened by the attacks. On Mars, 12 million die and 23 million are sickened. Both worlds are plunged into chaos as thoughts of another attack cause global panic. The economies of both worlds slow overnight and all four gates close. Total economic collapse is averted as sections of the global economy that are automated and controlled by computers are able to keep things stable. Even though an coordinated and complex cyber attack took place in an effort to bring down the automated economic networks, Avalon, the sentient computer of Camelot Command was able to prevent it. This time came to be known as the Black Dawn of ‘69.
 2170 – UniNet achieves 3200 Tbs/s
 2170 – Construction starts on Universal 6 and 7.
 2170 – 5th generation inertia damping systems start to come to the consumer market after a decade the militaries started to use them. This generation represents a substantial leap in efficiency and scale. Roughly the size of a of a large desk they are able to be used in a whole new class of vehicles. Within a decade the goal is to reduce this further. Perhaps to even a quarter the current size.
 2170 – Personal HNME vehicles, though still by far a minority, have become common place and the ranges and traffic patterns have been able to scale successfully. Ranges have been extended to allow travel along set routs between most major population centers for both Terra and Mars.
 2170 – Universal Two is transformed into an automated penal colony. Patrolled by war-bots and combat task droids it has 3 human crew who rotate out on montly basis and have control only over systems not related to prisoner conditions.
 2170 – The world population reaches 15 billion.
 2170 – Task Droid population reaches six billion. The current model, the TD-22, costs just over 250Cw.
 2170 – 99% of the power used by the industrialized world is supplied by fusion reactors. Compact hybrid fusion power cells power 99% of the all vehicles.
 2171 – Sale of conscious crystals and the purchase of insurance policies for them increase 1000% due to the events of Black Dawn ‘69
 2171 – Though The BlackWatch was sufficient and capable of dealing with all other threats, who or whatever, coordinated Black Dawn was not operating within known parameters of civility. Somewhere someone decided to fight fire with fire and created an elite division within Black Watch. The Dogs of War had been unleashed.
 2171 – The sixth and final 1st generation Venusian APS is set to come online. It is estimated it will take 500-1000 years to scrub the atmosphere and create conditions for life to survive. Another 250-500 year for the atmosphere to stabilize and for the rain to fill up the basins.
 2171 – Two new massive Venusian APS units are started utilizing new discoveries and breakthroughs in engineering and chemical processing. Estimated to be online by the mid 2190’s with the potential to halve the time required for terra forming.
 2171 – Average price of a standard clone falls below 20,000 CW.
 2171 – The 250,000th replicant walks off the line, a Class 6 model. Cost is now as low as 4,999 CW for earlier models. Reports also surface that other replicant operations have sprung up in underground markets to offer government cheap ways to augment their military and special forces as it is nearly impossible to interrogate a replicant and gain any useful information. Mercenary and large mining corporations are also rumored to be using replicants as replacement soldiers that can blend in as well as cheap labor for tasks where droids are not a good choice. The actual number of replicants is estimated to be as high as five million. This number may be inflated somewhat due to the highly lucrative and widespread underground trafficking of replicants. Some kidnapped, some sold by their owners. Rumors also surface of a black market cocktail that can be tailored to prolong the life of certain models. Because of several high profile cases where specially designed replicants were outfitted with WORKING Neural Net Interfaces and were somehow able to be swapped with their human counterpart and implanted into organizations to gather intelligence. This happened to a small private company that did work for the US government, specifically for maintaining the grounds around the White House. This prompted the creation of Blade Runners, specially trained individuals that were tasked with tracking and retiring unauthorized replicants, especially the types like those capable of using an NNI and replacing a real human after uploading their conscious. These unique models were branded as doppelganger replicants or “gangers” They were classified as kill first ask second because their full capabilities are still not fully understood, nor are their origins.
 2171 – Another trend gaining bi-global popularity and originating in China is known as Surrogating. Bourne from advanced virtual reality techniques pioneered by the Chinese hacker underground it involves placing your body into a specially designed “pod” roughly the size of a large coffin. Inside the pod is filled with a specially designed neural mesh that inflates to surround the individual. A form fitting mask made of the same material but thicker is placed over the individuals head and face and connected to the NNI by a specially installed surrogate interface that is usually concealed under the skin. Once connected the individuals conscious is literally streamed to a “conscious receiver” usually installed in a droid or replicant. The receiver is integrated into the droid torso and easily concealed or made to look like an necessary part of the droid. On a replicant the receiver is integrated into the NNI or cyber eye to avoid obvious detection. Once connected the replicant or droid becomes the surrogate of the human controller. The streaming takes place on very tight sub quantum frequencies that are hard to detect and hard to jam. While powerfully effective, surrogates do not have the full capabilities of their human controllers. Many variables factor into the effectiveness of surrogates. They can be stronger or weaker but never more intelligent. Generally when operating through a surrogate the variables add up to a higher DC to perform most actions. Also a factor is the death of surrogate. Obviously the benefit is that the human controller avoids directly being killed but without proper safety measures in place OR if those measures fail, the human controller can lose his sanity over time through what is called “feedback events”. Usually they are small and unnoticed and do damage over time, however, sometimes when a catastrophic failure of the safety measures occur a tsunami feedback event takes place and the result can be permanent loss of attribute points, skill points or the characters sanity from the sudden mental trauma the brain undergoes. One inhibiting factor is that a human controller must have at least HALF his humanity intact. Less than that and the human controller is unable to generate a sufficient conscious stream and the surrogate has a high chance (60%)to act unpredictably. Humans with a humanity under 10% of their total cannot even generate a conscious stream unless amplified to a point were its cost and resource prohibitive. It also increases the chance of a catastrophic feedback event.
 2171 – AON ratifies the Conscious of Humanity treaty which outlaws the possession and creation of Replicants. All but a handful of countries sign the treaty. Even though China, where Replicants were first discovered and exploited, signs the treaty it is widely speculated that it still secretly encourages research into advancing Replicant abilities and usefulness.

The BlackWatch Chronicles