The BlackWatch Chronicles

The Awakening
What the hell just happened?

The year is 2099.
The place is the Isle of Man between Ireland and the United Kingdom

3000ft below the surface is BlackWatch research hive
Our hero’s – Karnac, Issac, Vladimir, Kiara and Vaelun – form the most skillful and highly experienced Kill Squad within BlackWatch. They have been given the honor of becoming the first humans to have their conscious digitized and then downloaded into a new, artistically grown body. Everyone save Vaelun has volunteered to undergo the procedure.

Today is March 21st, 2099. After 177 days of preparation the day of the awakening is here.

Karnac,Isaac, Vlad and Kira are suspended in a large transparent cylinder, floating in a clear liquid. They are “on display” on the main level of the hive. A 5 story complex in the shape of a cylinder with concentric ringed pathways making up each level. The cylinders were the only feature on the north wall of the 4th sub-level. Opposite the cylinders was a control room where the vitals of each soldier was monitored. Directly adjacent to the control room, separated by a 4 inch thick transparasteel wall was a small office area with two recovery rooms for non critical procedures. Inside one of these rooms Vaelun rested comfortably.

It was 1230 pm and the hive was preparing for the arrival of the President of the United States, Hugh Stevenson and British Prime Minister Gregory Hamil who would be here to witness the awakening and unveiling of the Kill Squad members in their new bodies. Ready to take on the wrongdoing that permeates this world with unrivaled skill and commitment.

As the four soldiers float in their cylinders, they start to wake as their Neural Net Interfaces receive a signal to start the awakening process.

Each of their cyber eyes springs to life as a data feed begins downloading data into their Neural Net. It finishes quickly. And a green line of test appears stating all systems are nominal but then suddenly red text replaces it and a female voice states "Emergency Override Sequence Initiated…Operation Blackwood commencing. Instantly text begins scrolling up the cyber eyes visual display….

□ Holographic data download started.
□ Approx. 10.2 petabytes remaining
□ Digital DNA binding sequence initiated
□ Stealth cortex neuron sequencing initiated
□ Superior brachium and Medial geniculate augmentation underway
□ Anterior lobe Gyri expansion commencing
□ Spinal column radicalization initiated

Within 6 minutes the download is finished.

A count down starts indicating that the last phase of chemicals to counter act the seditives will be injected in 5 minutes.

Vaelun, declined having his conscious downloaded into a genetically engineered body. After a short procedure to install a Neural Net Interface he had left his room and was in a small lounge just out side his room where he could look across to his squad mates floating in their cylinders. To his left he would look through the transparasteel wall into the control room where Dr. Regina Peneniston was dutifully watching several holographic displays floating in front of her and given her all the information she needed to know all systems were operating normally.

Vaelun noticed from his lounge that across the cylinder at the “9 o’clock” position a set of elevator doors opened and a dozen secret service personal fanned out to clear the level for the arrival of the guests of honor.

Within minutes the elevator doors opened again reveling several scientists and the president and prime minister.

As the secret service looked on the president and prime minister with their scientific entourage made their way to the cylinders to get a closer look before the cylinders descended to the floor below to finish being prepared for the unveiling.

Meanwhile, Vaelun watching the president and prime minister inspect his squad mates, a sudden motion out of his left peripheral vision catches his attention. Turning his attention to the control room he notices Regina bend backward as if something from behind had her by the throat. Just as the realization hit him a figure un-cloaked behind Regina. Wearing a sleek suit of stealth powered armor that was instantly recognizable as female, the figure quickly dispatched Regina and her lifeless body slipped to the floor. In a flurry of precise and skilled moves the figure pulled a data cord from her wrist and plugged into the mainframe where Regina has been working a moment before. At the same time she took out a small device about the size of a pack of the tip of her finder. She set it on the counter and a small holograph popped up. It read – “Virus Download” the progress bar was a 100% within 5 seconds. As she picked up the small device Vaelun saw sparks and smoke rise from the connection she had made with the mainframe. It appears to have burnt itself out as a defensive mechanism. Not knowing the code to the gain access and not possessing a weapon capable of penetrating 4 inches of transparasteel he was helpless to do anything but watch. Still groggy from the effects of the Neural Net implant everything seemed to happening in slow motion. The assassin started to stumble, almost like she was drunk. She stumbled over to the wall toward Vaelun and as she did she tore off her helmet. Vaelun staggered back as he realized he recognized the assailant. It was a past foe, a world class assassin, Nea Matsu. She fell to the floor and continued to crawl toward the wall. By now she was bleeding from her eyes, nose and ears. Vaelun knew she was dying. Seemingly summoning some inner strength she lifted her arm and attempted to stop her nose from bleeding but to Vaelun’s surprise she took her blood soaked fingers and scribbled the letters H AHEFNDLEWC across the transparasteel. She had the presence of mind to write it in reverse. Unable to support her own wait as her vitals slipped away she locked eyes with Vaelun and mouthed the word “BOOM

Vaelun, still groggy from the operation slumped to the ground as his mind processed the threat.

At that moment, a series of large, timed explosions detonated. The largest of which was under the platform the president and prime minister were standing on as they inspected the soldiers in the cylinders. They, along with the scientist with them were killed instantly.


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